ACT-R 2011
Summer School

July 17-19, 2011

White Mountain Hotel & Resort
North Conway, NH

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The PGSS is organized in sessions consisting of extended presentations and open discussions around a specific theme. Each day features three 90-minute sessions from 9am to 3pm, plus a free-ranging evening commentary of the topics of the day led by a discussant. The time between the end of the afternoon session at 3pm and the evening session is set aside for recreation, dinner, and informal discussions and collaboration. The final program, with links to the talk slides, appears below.

Sunday, July 17

ACT-R since 2001
Presentation: Dan Bothell

Bottom-up Control
Presentation: Niels Taatgen
Viewpoints: Robert West

Scaling Up: Comprehensiveness, Scale, and Integration
Presentation: Glenn Gunzelmann
• Viewpoints: Niels Taatgen, David Reitter

Richard Young

Monday, July 18

Memory Systems
Presentation: Christian Lebiere
Viewpoints: Tony Harrison, Jerry Ball, Bill Kennedy

Architecture as Software
Presentation: Frank Ritter
Viewpoints: Coty Gonzalez

Teaching ACT-R
Presentation: Mike Byrne
• Viewpoints: Niels Taatgen, Mike Schoelles

Dario Salvucci

Tuesday, July 19

Scaling Down: Emotion and Neuroscience
Presentation: Bill Kennedy
Viewpoints: Ion Juvina, Jelmer Borst

Interfacing with Environments and Cognitive Robotics
Presentation: Greg Trafton
Viewpoints: Mike Byrne, Mike Schoelles

The Future of ACT-R
Panel of Organizers